National Honey Bee Day 
    A day for honey bees...
                                          ...a program for the entire year

The 2017 National Honey Bee Day slogan:

For a Natural High: Smoke some Bees!

Past selected themes for National Honey Bee Day:




Beekeeping - A Hobby With

A Sweet Taste!


Ban Ignorance - 

Not Honey Bees!


Sustainable Gardening

Begins with Honey Bees

(Submitted by

Charles Brenig, Pa.)


Beekeeping - Ask Me

How To Get Started



Sustainable Agriculture

Starts with Honey Bees



Building A Sustainable Future,

One Flower At A Time

(Submitted by Michael Adamson of

Madison, N.C.)



Local Honey - Good For Bees, You, and the Environment



Support Local Beekeeping

Become A Locavore! 



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If you have a message, a slogan, or a topic for consideration in the future, please pass it along for consideration. We are always adding new slogans and want to hear from you.


Slogan consideration based on: 

Beekeeping related, positive in nature, simplistic understanding, and broad appeal to the public beyond beekeepers. The slogan should be easy for beekeepers to use in their National Honey Bee Day program, yet carry a message to the general public.

Select the 2018 Theme. 

Send in your slogan to be

added to the list.






3) Beekeeping - One Sweet Hobby!


4) Beekeeping - The REAL Extreme Sport!


5) I'd Rather Be Working my Beehives


6) Manicured Lawns - For Those That Hate Nature


7) Local Honey - Always Produced in the USA!


8) Honey Bees - The Real Canaries In Nature.


9) Honey Bees Help You - Now Help the Honey Bees


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