National Honey Bee Day 
    A day for honey bees...
                                          ...a program for the entire year

National Honey Bee Day Products

Wildflower Seeds for 2013

Consider purchasing wildflower seeds to grow yourself, give as a gift, or donate towards our outreach program in support of schools, environmental centers, and other programs.

Click Here for Details.

2011 Theme NHBD Bumper Stickers


"Local Honey - Good for Bees, You, and the Environment" 2010 Theme NHBD Bumper Stickers

We originally offered these popular bumper stickers to promote the 2010 National Honey Bee Day theme. But the theme and important message continues on. 

Bee Associations can hand them out to members at meetings. Or use them as gifts or goodie bag items for classes or conferences. Sell them at your functions as a fundraiser. You should easily be able to sell these stickers for two dollars, which doubles your investment.

Individuals can add them to their honey stand as an additional item offered to the public.

So please pass this information along to all beekeepers. The money earned on such promotional items is used by the nonprofit to further the bee industry programs across the country.

These stickers are priced right. They are sold in bulk for one dollar each. This covers the cost of producing the stickers and allows the nonprofit corporation funding the National Honey Bee Day program to benefit and continue it's mission. All proceeds are paid directly into the nonprofit. 

For 2013:

Individual Sticker -  4 dollars (includes shipping and delivery confirmation)

One sticker per order. Additional stickers 2.00 each. Bulk order information

found below.


Stickers available for individual sale:

"Building a Sustainable Future, One Flower at a Time"

"Sustainable Agriculture Starts with Honey Bees!"

"Support Local Beekeeping - Become a Locavore!"

"Local Honey - Good for Bees, You, & the Environment"


Please indicate which bumper sticker(s) you want with your order.

Follow the directions below for ordering.




Bulk Sticker Sales:  (stickers are 3 x 9)


25 stickers     $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping

50 stickers     $50.00 plus $6.00 shipping

100 stickers   $100.00 plus $6.00 shipping


Make checks payable to: PennApic

Mail checks to: PennApic  P.O. Box 141  Lewisberry, Pa. 17339


*Please indicate which stickers you are ordering. You can mix and match for bulk orders.

The bumper sticker below was the unofficial sticker we passed out in 2009. We still will make them available for those who want to mix and match with other stickers we offer. Please indicate with your order which stickers you want and in what quantity.
The National Honey Bee Day program operates and is administered under the nonprofit listing of Pennsylvania Apiculture Inc., adhering to all laws and guidelines of a 501c and filed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.