National Honey Bee Day 
    A day for honey bees...
                                          ...a program for the entire year

Mission Statement and Philosophy

The National Honey Bee Day mission incorporates three primary goals.


1) Promotion and advancement of beekeeping.


2) Educate the public to honey bees and beekeeping.


3) Make the public aware of environmental concerns affecting honey bees

Goals and philosophy

A year long approach:

National Honey Bee Day is designated one day each year. But our efforts and outreach extend throughout the year. We strive to maintain a website, support, and education programs, all year long to reach our goals.



The mission includes having a website available for beekeepers, for those seeking to start beekeeping, and anyone needing information and assistance in regards to honey bees and beekeeping.


Many requests have been made to align the National Honey Bee Day program with other larger or established programs. Although we are willing to support other beneficial programs, we will always maintain a separate program. Commercialization of this program is not a consideration.


No Commercialization:

We have also had many requests for promotion of books, movies, and other products. We have no intention of marketing, or allowing individuals to profit from the efforts of so many beekeepers across the country that work to make this event a success. The PennApic Board of Directors will scrutinize each request. We do allow sponsors to be recognized for contributions to the overall program. 


"Local" beekeeping promotion:

Most of beekeeping is local in nature. Promotion of local patronage of beekeeping products such as honey is a main goal. Much of the National Honey Bee Day program is based on events involving the local public. Our goal involves encouraging support of beekeepers in their own communities, by their neighbors, friends, and fellow stewards of the environment.