National Honey Bee Day 
    A day for honey bees...
                                          ...a program for the entire year

How to get involved and have a

 National Honey Bee Day event.

We get many questions asking how to have a program. Many are looking for suggestions and ideas to present to their bee associations. 

Past programs included:

* Open apiary programs

* Honey tasting events

* County fair booths

* Environmental center programs

* Membership drives - beginner class 

* Movie showings

* Education table or program as part of

   another event

Any program that is open to the public and focuses on education of the bee industry should be your goal.

The goal of the National Honey Bee Day program, is to magnify the many smaller programs across the country into a larger marketed program, benefiting from the voice and participating of many. Regardless of your efforts, small or large, get involved!


This is the one time each year to celebrate the honey bee on a national scale.


National Honey Bee Day

August 22, 2015

What we ask of associations and individuals putting on a National honey Bee Day program

* The program be open and free to the public.

* The program is focused on education and expansion of the bee industry.

* Local media coverage. While we do our best to advertise the day nationally, we can not effectively do each and every program's press release and marketing. We ask that you assign an individual to send out press releases to local papers, covering the "community page", etc.  We list all participating groups year round on the website. So we also ask that you include the National Honey Bee Day website in any local advertising.

* Supply banners, posters, etc. The National Honey Bee Day program gets many requests from schools and other organizations for posters and fliers. We just do not have the funds at this time to produce everything. Any local production of these materials will be funded at the discretion of the local participating group.

* While we are against pure commercialization of the NHBD program, the public expects to buy honey and other beehive products when they attend beekeeper sponsored events. We hope that each participating group benefits from these requests. Signing up potential new beekeepers for a beginner course or to the association is also encouraged.

* Plan early and plan every year. Make the National Honey Bee Day program part of your yearly events. Mark it on the calendar when planning your new years program. And please add our link to your website. 



Once you or your organization has committed to a National honey Bee Day program, send us a contact person's information and a website to add to the participants page of the website.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.